Election Day: November 7th

Early Voting: October 23rd

Vote "YES" on Proposition 8

This year, Texas legislators voted to create a constitutionally dedicated fund to  help ensure all Texans are able to utilize broadband internet.
Now, it's up to Texas voters to finish the job.
Proposition 8, on this November's Constitutional Amendment Election ballot, empowers Texans with a chance to vote to authorize the creation of the Texas Broadband Infrastructure Fund and invest in a healthier, smarter and safer Texas.

Prop. 8 Will Make Texas Safer, Smarter and Healthier

Enhancing Public Safety

Networks require proper investment to deliver reliable broadband service in our evolving, interconnected world.

Prop. 8 allows for funding to address critical upgrades for public safety and next generation 9-1-1 services.

Improving Health Care

Broadband access can reduce the burden of time and distance to access quality care for providers and patients.

Prop. 8  will make telemedicine available to more Texans than ever before.

Elevating Education

Students need access to high-speed internet to ensure they can fully participate in modern learning environments—both at home and in the classroom.

Broadband access delivers the tools that schools need to help kids become digitally literate.

Prop. 8 Can Close the Digital Divide

Two million Texas homes don’t have access to broadband. 1
Three million Texans can’t utilize broadband due to social and economic challenges. 2
Four of the five least-connected cities in the country are in Texas. 3


Texas Broadband Now commissioned a study to quantify the affects of making broadband available to those who currently do without. The findings reveal the potential for an incredible positive impact on the state's rural and lower-income communities.

This snapshot highlights just some of what is possible with greater broadband access:

- $8.8 billion in increased personal income.
- Over 74,000 permanent jobs created.
- Average household incomes raised by $10,000.

Click here to read the full study.

Texas Broadband Development Planning is Underway

In 2021, the Texas Legislature passed laws to establish the Texas Broadband Development Office (BDO) within the office of the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

The newly created office is tasked with establishing a long-term, statewide plan that addresses strategies and goals for expanding access to and further adoption of broadband service.

More information on broadband in Texas including benefits of access, leadership helping address the critical need and the BDO Toolkit for community leaders can all be found on the Broadband Development Office website.

Funding Available for Projects in Your Area

A key component for the BDO will be identifying geographic areas eligible for financial assistance and awarding grants or other financial instruments to expedite broadband expansion.

Texas must allocate additional resources to close the digital divide:

Federal and state legislators recognized the need for public investment in these critical projects and made significant funding available.

These resources will bring more projects to completion than private investment alone. However, more is needed to reach every corner of Texas.

Now is the time for Texas to ensure long-term, sustainable funding for the continued expansion and maintenance of broadband.

Decades of bi-partisan government policies promoted the private-sector investment in resilient broadband infrastructure and made this possible, but to move rapidly to serve those with unmet needs further investment is necessary.

Please join our efforts to bring broadband to all Texans:


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