About Us

Texas Broadband Now is a diverse coalition formed to promote the expansion of broadband infrastructure to underserved and unserved communities across the entire state.

We are here to educate the public and all levels of Texas government about the importance of high-speed internet connectivity, as well as the challenges and opportunities involved in building reliable and affordable networks that provide access to all Texans.

Texas must allocate additional resources to close the digital divide:

Federal and state legislators recognized the need for public investment in these critical projects and made significant funding available.

These resources will bring more projects to completion than private investment alone. However, more is needed to reach every corner of Texas.

Now is the time for Texas to ensure long-term, sustainable funding for the continued expansion and maintenance of broadband.

Decades of bi-partisan government policies promoted the private-sector investment in resilient broadband infrastructure and made this possible, but to move rapidly to serve those with unmet needs further investment is necessary.

Please join our efforts to bring broadband to all Texans:


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